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5 Must Have Pool Accessories

There are thousands of pool accessories out there. From the very classy to the insanely silly; there are floats, toys, or chairs to suit anyone’s personal taste. While one person may strive to attain the look of a five-star spa, another might opt for a fun-filled pool with pretzel and doughnut floats. Whether you prefer the look of an exclusive resort or Disney World for your outdoor environment, we have  a few picks that will enhance anyone’s backyard oasis. Here are our top five must-have pool accessories to complete any swimming pool atmosphere.

1) Pool Pillows- Every swimming pool is going to have some floats. Even the avid swimmer needs to rest in between laps every now and then. Why settle for inflatable or foam floats when you can lounge on a pillow? Let your body sink into one of these fluffy cushions and you’ll have to try to convince yourself not to just live in your pool! There are several great options for pool pillows (even pillows for your pet), but here are a couple of our personal favorites.

Brookstone Pool PillowsFrontgate Pool Pillow

2) Extra Sun Shade- If you are like most pool owners, you can never have enough shade around your pool. The problem with natural shade options like trees is the extra pool maintenance they require. Plenty of trees means plenty of shade, but it also means plenty of leaves and (in Georgia) plenty of pine needles! Create extra shade and sun protection for your friends and family with a fabric sun shade.

ECanopy ShadeAmazon Sun Shade

3) Discreet Outdoor Storage- Nothing ruins the look of your backyard oasis like pool toys, games, and tools scattered all around. Create storage options for all of your necessary outdoor gear that are not only useful, but also aesthetically pleasing. Opting for stylish outdoor ottomans with hidden storage will complete your backyard look. You can even decide to get crafty by making a DIY storage bench that will supply both storage and extra seating.

Overstock OttomanDIY Bench

4) Remote Control Drink and Snack Float- Ok so this one might be a little bit silly, but what backyard couldn’t use a little amusement? Especially when the silliness comes in the form of a remote control float that brings your snacks and drinks directly to you with the flip of a switch.

Remote Control Drink Float

5) Pool Friendly Wine Glasses- These will come in handy whether you’re enjoying a private date with your partner or having a crowd over for an all-day pool party. To keep white wines or refreshing grape juice nice and cold on a hot summer day, use self-chilling wine glasses. Keep your guests hydrated and avoid the danger of broken glass on your pool patio with silicone wine glasses.

Chilling Wine GlassesSilicone Wine Glasses


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