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Summer is just around the corner, and it’s not too late to make some changes and upgrades to your pool. For the Atlanta pool plaster expertise you can trust, the name to remember is ASI Pool Plastering. As one of the Southeast’s premier providers of top quality pool finishes, we’re proud to offer the full line of innovative products from Wet Edge Technologies. If you want to add something special to the look and finish of your pool, we have some beautiful options. Why settle for a dull, traditional white plaster finish? Get the best combination of value, durability, and aesthetic quality with our large variety of pebble and finish options. With long-lasting quality and solid construction, you’ll understand the practical appeal of our products quickly, but don’t discount the colorful appeal too.

Our Atlanta pool plaster pros will help you select the best color and pebble combinations, along with the right texture to match your desired look, and your budget too. The Wet Edge products are only part of the equation, and with ASI, you’re also getting the knowledgeable guidance of trained installers. So if you’re ready for a pool renovation project, don’t put it off any longer. Read on and let’s talk about how to choose the right product for longevity and beauty of your pool.

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Atlanta Pool Plaster Finishes!

While a traditional white pool plaster finish, made from white marble dust, can certainly function as a pool surface. However, these surfaces often experience rapid wear from water and usage due to their soft nature. While the cost is lower, the long-term value is also diminished, as the typical lifetime for the white plaster is 4-5 years. Then you can expect cracks and aging to start showing up. Instead, consider the return on your investment that you’ll receive from great products such as Prism Matrix or Luna Quartz. Our Atlanta pool plaster experts will help you understand the advantages of Wet Edge products.

The secret is in the patented admixture, which utilizes a pozzolan-polymer blend that hardens and strengthens the cement. When combined with the finest in pebbles and quartz materials sourced from all over the world, we can achieve exciting, colorful results to go with the practical long-term value. Let the Atlanta pool plaster experts at ASI walk you through all the Wet Edge pebble finishes. Give us a call today for a free consultation, and get your pool remodeling started now!

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