ASI Pool Plastering

Commercial Pool Services

ASI Pool Plastering is a full service Atlanta commercial pool service company equipped to handle any size pool renovation from the smallest pebble-only remodel to the total renovation. Our smaller customers are as important as the biggest and we take pride in offering the same great customer service to everyone.

Services offered

  • Renovation

    • Renovate your pool with updated finishes, colors, designs, and stones.
    • Choose from a variety of coping shades to match or accent your existing look.
    • Replace and repair damaged pool tile line and provide solutions to avoid future damage.
    • Add mosaics to the floor or tanning ledge to give your pool a customized look.
    • Choose a quality finish from our exquisite pool finishes that range from pebble, sand, quartz, and more.
  • Remodeling

    • Replace damaged tile and offer solutions to avoid future damage for any unique situation.
    • Transform the look of your pool with various styles and colors of pool tile lines.
    • Customize the floor or tanning ledge with your choice of mosaic tile- choose from team logos, tropical themes, and more.
    • Upgrade your backyard pool with a variety of colors and styles of stone or brick coping.
    • Commercial and semi-commercial race lines, mosaics, and waterline pool tile installation, repair, or replacement.
    • Choose a quality finish from our exquisite pool finishes that range from pebble, sand, quartz, and more.
  • Plastering and Resurfacing

    • White Plaster – Standard marcite pool interior finish comprised of white cement and white marble sand. Contains no additives.
    • Wet Edge Altima – Marcite finish that has been fortified with pozzolons and polymers for greater durability than standard marcite finishes.
    • Wet Edge Luna Quartz – Quartz aggregate coupled with pozzolons and polymers to strengthen the finish. Wide range of color options.
  • Waterline Tile

    • 6”x6” Tile – From solid color tiles to tiles with a stone like appearance, there is a wide variety of 6”x6” tile.
    • Mosaic Tile – Beautiful mosaic tiles pieced together to create dramatic tile lines. More commonly used in freeform pools with tight radii.
    • Glass Tile – A variety of iridescent or solid colors allow for a crisp and vibrant tile line.
  • Coping

    • Poured Cantilever Coping – A variety of form options are available with cast in place cantilever coping. High strength concrete coupled with a light broom finish yields a strong coping perimeter that has traction control.
    • Brick Coping – Brick coping offers many shade variations. The clean lines and straight leading edge created by the bullnose grip of brick is aesthetically pleasing.
    • Precast Coping Stones – Precast Coping stones combine the strength of concrete coping with the safety aspect of a bullnose coping.
  • Shell Modifications

    • Entry Step Additions – Increase the size of the step entry area in your swimming pool to accommodate more seating.
    • Entry Step Repairs – Cracks and crumbling concrete on your steps could be a sign of structural issues that we can help resolve.
    • Crack Repair – Minor structural cracks can be repaired using carbon fiber staples and high strength epoxy.
  • VGB Conversions

    • Single to Dual Drain Installation – Let us transform your pool into a safer swimming environment by removing dangerous single drain suction hazards and installing dual drains.