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Ready for a pool makeover? Get leading style and durability in pool finish technology with the products from Wet Edge Technologies. And when it comes to expert consultation and installation, the name to know is ASI Pool Plastering. We proudly offer this exceptional line of products and are ready to help you today with the finest Atlanta pool finishes on the market. We’ll help you select the right product for your yard and light conditions, and then ensure a proper install to guarantee durable, long-lasting results. Whether you’re building a brand new pool, in need of repairs, or looking to upgrade your existing finish, you’ve come to the right place. The Wet Edge product line features the next generation in swimming pool finish technology and surfacing. Our innovative products range from the standard plaster look, to smooth quartz, to a wide variety of pebble colors and textures. We even offer a hybrid glass/pebble finish that provides that extra wow factor to any backyard landscape or patio.

So the question is, why choose Wet Edge for Atlanta pool finishes?  For customers who value longevity, durability, and a choice of vibrant and elegant looks, these are the perfect option. However, choosing the finish is only half of the job, as a certified and qualified installer is also essential. That’s where we come in. Keep reading to find out more about the many options we can offer to your pool floor!

atlanta pool finishes

For Atlanta Pool Finishes, Remember Wet Edge and ASI

Get the latest and greatest in materials and technology from Wet Edge Technologies, and let ASI be your guide to Atlanta pool finishes. With these products, it’s much more than just a pretty look. Beyond the aesthetics, the secret to our success is hidden in the materials used and properly sourced. With the patented Pebble Edge® Admixture, your pool finish will outlast many other options on the market. When mixed with our carefully sourced and selected sand, minerals, and pebbles, the resulting product is second to none in strength, texture, and longevity. The pozzolans and polymers found in this admixture rely on the same technology long used in other cement structures such as foundations, highways, and more, ultimately fortifying your finish and allowing us to guarantee longer life under proper care conditions. Whereas a typical plaster might last 4-5 years, ours can go as long as 7-10. With some pebble finishes, lifespan can exceed 15 years.

It’s true that there might be cheaper options, and while our upfront cost might not be the lowest, we’ll help you understand the long-term return and value in the initial investment. In addition to helping explain the durability and return you’ll see, we’re also here to help you understand how light and other variables will affect the final look of your pool finish. We take the time to listen to the goals and desires of our clients. What type of feel do you want as far as texture on your feet? What color do you want your water to show from up close or far away? How will the finish you select blend in with surrounding hardscapes and foliage? You’ll want to consider all of these issues, and not all pool pros are equal when it comes to experience and expertise. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your pool project. For Atlanta pool finishes that beat and exceed your expectations for beauty, quality, and longevity, the clear choice is ASI Pool Plastering!

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