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Beautiful, Polished Primera Stone Pool Finish

Here at ASI Pool Plastering, we’re proud to offer Wet Edge pool finishes.

With a patented admixture formulated to make a more durable, long-lasting cement, you’ll end up with a superior finish to your typical pool plaster. Besides the strength of the mixture, the aesthetic benefits you’ll get are really enticing. With a vibrant elegance and wide variety of sand, pebbles, and minerals, you can get lots of different color and style results from all of our pool finishes.

primera stone pool finish

Primera Stone Pool Finish For Beautiful, Smooth Feel

Among the Wet Edge pool finishes, one of our favorite to offer to our customers is the Primera Stone pool finish.  This finish gives you a great combination and compromise between more traditional plaster and the modern aggregate finishes. The final result makes this fantastic finish look like pebble, but feel like plaster with a smooth, polished surface. The ultra-premium Primera Stone pool finish has a vibrant look thanks to the pebbles embedded within. You’ll get a wide variety of choices in color thanks to the multiple pebble options available. Running from Azure blue, to Black Diamond, to Evergreen, with many others also available, this Primera Stone pool finish can be tailored to the color scheme and style you want for your yard and home. The beautiful diversity in hues is thanks to the team at Wet Edge, who travel the globe searching for the highest quality, exceptional stones available. These pebbles must meet stringent requirements for size, texture, and mineral composition, not to mention stunning appearance. In exotic locales ranging from Chilean mountains to New Zealand’s beaches. Once selected, the stones are polished and pared down to a smooth surface, which leads ultimately to the aforementioned polished appearance and feel. With such a polished feel, the Primera Stone pool finish is a popular choice for pool spas, but of course is not limited to that option alone. In addition to the pebbles, Primera Stone is even accented with recycled glass, for even more exciting colors and a luxurious prismatic effect.

primera stone pool finish

Summer Is Smoother With Primera Stone Pool Finish

Summer is officially here, and it’s not too late to give your pool a makeover with a remodeling project from ASI. And why not make that makeover truly spectacular with a Primera Stone pool finish? While they are very durable, eventually these finishes will lose some of their luster, but the great thing about Primera Stone is that it can be re-polished in the future. So make the investment in beauty and quality today, and save money on future pool renovation. Call ASI Pool Plastering today and get Primera Stone pool finish at your home!

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