ASI Pool Plastering

Luna Quartz Pool Finish

You want your pool finish to look great, and you want that look to last well into the future. Here at ASI Pool Plastering, we’ve got you covered. We proudly offer quality pool finishes from Wet Edge Technologies®. With industry-leading innovative products and finishes, you can b
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Altima Pool Finishes

Here at ASI Pool Plastering, we are proud to offer a variety of pool finishes from Wet Edge Technologies®. With the most innovative products in the industry, we can bring the vibrant elegance and durability of nature to your pool floor. Altima® is one of our favorite styles available,
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Pearl Matrix

Wet Edge finishes are the most ingenious pool finishes in the industry. By using their patented admixture and only the most dazzling and durable stones that nature has to offer, Wet Edge brings the long-lasting beauty of nature to your swimming pool. As a certified Wet Edge Applicator
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Primera Stone

  As certified Wet Edge Applicators we are proud to offer a full line of these cutting-edge finishes. Wet Edge finishes are the most innovative pool finishes in the industry. Their patented admixture makes cement harder, stronger, and more durable, which means fewer problems for
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Differences in Wet Edge Finishes

prism matrix pool finish
Wet Edge Technologies has created the most innovative swimming pool finishes in the industry. These cutting-edge aggregate finishes are durable and beautiful at the same time. All Wet Edge finishes are handcrafted and custom-made for each swimming pool. Each finish is white cement bas
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Differences In Pool Types

For most homeowners understanding the differences in pool finish options can be a little confusing. What are the benefits of plaster versus vinyl? What is an aggregate finish? A lot of websites jump right into sell-mode without explaining what it is that they’re talking about. Here is
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Altima Pool Finish

pool plastering
The Altima pool finish is a beautiful and durable aggregate pool finish that brings the allure of nature right to your pool floor. Altima is above and beyond the standard plaster finish. Wet Edge Technologies has designed the ultimate luxury pool finish by combining sand, stone, and c
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Atlanta Pool Installation

ASI Pool Plastering professionals are the Atlanta pool renovation specialists. We install, renovate, and remodel swimming pools across the metro Atlanta area. ASI is the preferred choice for Atlanta pool installation because we understand the Georgia climate, and we only use quality p
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Five Things To Consider When Choosing Your Pool Color

Whether you are installing, renovating, or remodeling your swimming pool it’s a major life event during the course of the project. The entire process, from the initial concept to picking out lounge chairs, is filled with decisions. None are more crucial or challenging than selecting t
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