ASI Pool Plastering

Pool FAQs

Commonly Asked Questions

  • I don’t feel comfortable performing the new plaster start-up. What should I do?

    • If you don’t feel comfortable performing the start-up ASI Pool Plastering has a certified start up technician on staff.
    • Another option is to visit the National Plasters Council’s website. From here you can purchase a DVD covering important information regarding your new swimming pool surface and how to care for it properly.
  • I do feel comfortable performing the start up, but would like more information.

    Another option is to visit the National Plasterer Council's website. From here you can purchase a DVD covering important information regarding your new swimming pool surface and how to care for it properly.
  • There is only one suction drain in my pool and spa. Do I need to address this?

    • Yes this is a potentially dangerous situation for young children or other weak swimmers.
    • ASI recommends installing dual main drains, a channel drain, or another cover that is safe in single drain applications in both the pool and spa. Doing the conversion during the plaster process is obviously the optimal time.
    • We can work with you in installing a safe dual main drain or channel drain that will ensure safe usage of your swimming pool and will also prevent any problems if you decide to sell your house in the future.
  • I’m trying to decide on a tile choice. Can I visit a showroom or get some samples?

    • Yes we work with three pool tile suppliers locally:
    • We encourage you to visit the showrooms of these suppliers where you can see the tile in person.
    • If you are unable to do this you can visit their websites and choose a few and a representative from ASI can get the samples and bring them out to you during a consult visit.
  • My Pool has a crack in the plaster. What can be done to correct it?

    • Don’t panic! Until we get into the prep it is tough to say if the crack will be serious or not. Many small cracks that appear in old plaster are only on the surface.
    • During your consult or when speaking with the salesperson mention any areas of concern so that they may be thoroughly inspected during the renovation process. If we see anything that merits additional repairs, we will stop work and discuss pricing for any required repairs before any repair work is completed.
    • If the crack is actually in the shell of the pool we use a combination of carbon fiber staples and injected epoxy to help stabilize the crack and prevent further spread.
      • Keep in mind this will be an additional cost and we cannot warranty crack repairs due to pre-existing structural problems
    • Any visible cracks will receive an estimate before the job starts so that you can be prepared in case of additional charges but it is important to understand that cracks that aren’t visible from the outside of pool cannot be included in bids. (We can’t predict what we can’t see!)
  • Most of my plaster is in good shape but one section has worn off and I can see the shell. What can I do?

    • Of course we do offer patch services but like anything else that is hand laid it will not match existing surface and could possibly fail again.
    • We recommend total resurfacing vs patching if feasible.
  • What is VGB?

    • VGB is an abbreviation for Virginia Graeme Baker and it is used when referring to the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.
    • This law was enacted after 7 year old Graeme drowned from being pinned to the suction drain of a hot tub.
    • The law requires all public pools and spas to be equipped with anti-entrapment drain fittings and a second anti-entrapment system installed when a single main drain system other than on unblockable is used.
  • VGB is for public pools, what does that have to do with my backyard pool?

    • While VGB requirements only specify public pools and spas, it is easy to see the liability created for a homeowner that continues to operate a swimming pool with unsafe suction drains.
      • For this reason we recommend any pool with single main drains be converted to dual main drains, channel type drains, or an auto shutoff system.