ASI Pool Plastering

Pool Filling Instructions

Prior to pool completion and fill it is our recommendation that the pool filter be cleaned. Filter cleaning is not included in ASI’s contract.

  • Once water has been started:

    • Do not disturb the pool equipment as it may release water from the plumbing which could run across the new plaster/pebble surface and stain it.
  • Upon completion of plaster application, a hose will be placed in the deepest point of your pool to begin filling immediately. Keep in mind Luna Quartz, Pearl matrix, Satin Matrix, and Primera Stone surfaces are a two day process, so water will not be started until second day.

    • You will see something secured to the end of your hose to prevent scratching as the hose moves during fill. (Normally a rag or sock).
    • It is important NOT to stop the water during the fill process as this can cause a “bath tub” ring.
    • If you are concerned the water may reach the mid tile line during the night you may turn the water down to a trickle, just never completely off.
    • Water should only be introduced to the pool in the bottom around the drain locations. Use of auto-fills or other methods which cause the water to flow across the surface can leave stains.
    • Fill pool completely and then spa if needed.
      • Spa can be filled first but has to be monitored vigilantly to prevent water from overflowing and falling onto main pool surface.
  • It is vital to stay off of new surface during the fill process (especially children and pets)

    • You may see the plaster crew walking on the surface but keep in mind they are aware of which areas are safe to walk on sooner than others.
  • Please note that water from the tap or other source can and will be tinted which will initially alter the look of your new pool.

    • As the water is filtered and chemically balanced over the first 28 days the beauty of your new pool finish will become apparent.
  • Once the water fill is complete the start-up process needs to commence. These are 28 of the most vital days for the new surface of your pool to ensure a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment.

    • Please see the Start Up Procedures to find the appropriate start-up procedure for your specific surface and make sure you or your pool service technician adhere to it.