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DIY Backyard Oasis Projects

Here are some of our favorite DIY backyard oasis projects to add even more ambience to your private sanctuary.

You’ve made the decision to make the leap from backyard to backyard oasis! The number one thing you can do, of course, is to renovate your swimming pool. Giving your pool a few upgrades will completely change the feel of your environment. Adding water features, using natural coping, going overboard with greenery, and adding comfortable lounge areas will transport you from your backdoor to paradise. All the same, a true backyard oasis becomes an ongoing labor of love. You won’t just maintain your environment, but also add to your hideaway for years to come. So once the initial remodeling is over what do you do next?

One way to really submerge yourself in nature is to bring nature to you! Attracting wildlife like birds and butterflies to your yard means you’ll get to enjoy chirping and fluttering while you relax. Features like a bright pink butterfly feeder or a bird bath shaped like Rock City are only going to take you out of the illusion of a backyard oasis. Instead build feeders and baths that will enhance your landscape rather than clashing with it.  Here is a list of bird bath ideas that will blend in, instead of standing out. You want to think of ways to build feeders and baths that appear as though mother nature created them over time as opposed to a person building them over the course of a weekend. Try a do-it-yourself stacked bath made from stones for an organic look. Wrap attractions in twigs to make them look as if a bird made it on his own. Building baths from hypertufa makes it seem as though they grew out of the ground.

Stacked Birdbath

Nest Bird Bath

Hidden Birdbath

Another way to diminish the manmade look of your pool environment is to literally let nature cover it. Moss is a velvety soft way to do just that. It can thrive on almost any surface, which makes it the perfect choice for turning synthetic materials into living ones. Moss is also easy to guide. There are tons of tutorials on making moss milkshakes. Basically, if you have a clump of moss, some buttermilk, and a blender you can tell moss to grow wherever you choose. Here are some great moss projects to try.

Before MossAfter Moss

Hopefully you plan to enjoy your oasis into the evening. For that reason, the DIY fire pit has got to be one of the most popular backyard projects of all time. Plenty of beautiful above ground pits can be purchased that will be ready to go once you strike the first match. But if you’d like your fire pit to blend into its surroundings, the best solution is making your own pit. There are tons of tutorials that are easy to follow. It’s generally just a matter of digging a hole and layering rocks with cement. Dedicate one day to this DIY project and enjoy late night leisure for years.

DIY Fire pit

Our final DIY backyard oasis project suggestion is one that will truely add luxury to your staycation. Repurpose a trampoline into the ultimate place to rest and relax. Swings are the perfect place to unwind and connect with the nature of your backyard environment, so why not take them to the next level? Wrap in fabric, suspend from an existing feature or frame, fill with blankets and pillows, and then try to convince yourself not to live entirely inside your new hanging bed!

Trampoline Bed

Trampoline Bed2

Trampoline Bed 3

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