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Easy Gardening To Create A Backyard Oasis

How do you transform your pool environment into a real getaway?

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard is a wonderful and timeless addition to your home. Be that as it may, adding the right combination of plants to your pool environment will only boost the feeling of a true vacation locale. Imagine your ideal escape. Whether your refuge is lounging on a white sandy beach, taking a dip in a crystal clear lagoon, or listening to a waterfall there is one consistent trait: it is dominated by nature. For this reason, it is especially important to surround yourself with plants and natural beauty. However, not everyone has a green thumb. With that in mind, here are our best ideas for easy gardening to create a backyard oasis for that perfect stay-cation.

Easy Gardening To Create A Backyard Oasis

When the time comes to pick out plants you will undoubtedly have the urge to go overboard. That’s a good thing, because the more plants and greenery you incorporate into your backyard environment the more it will feel like a natural paradise. All the same, it’s very important to really consider your level of commitment when it comes to garden care. If you don’t have a great history with plants or you just don’t have the time to water and prune, plant accordingly. There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting low maintenance plants. Fill your space with native grasses, moss, succulents, cacti, and herbs. Succulents and cacti are even drought tolerant, which is great for those dry Georgia summers. Try to select a few plants from each of these groups to create a mixture of textures and colors. Of course consider your regional zone and amount of sunlight, and plant accordingly. With the right combination of cacti and succulents, any north Georgia backyard can feel like a luxury spa in the southwest.

succulent plantsSucculents2
A great way to give your backyard a natural atmosphere is to think outside potted plants. As beautiful as potted plants can be, they also have the definite look of something manmade. Try to think beyond containers and rigid plant barriers. When different plants naturally occur they aren’t divided with sharp lines, so try to make it difficult to tell where one plant ends and another begins.  You don’t have to completely eliminate potted plants; just make sure to also incorporate some more organic outlets. Growing grass or moss between pavers (in other words surrounding your patio or walking tiles with grass) is a dramatic way to bring you closer to nature. Here is a great look at how to create this effect, along with some examples of plants to use.

between pavers2

Don’t be scared of gardening! Your backyard oasis will be amazing if you: use a mixture of low maintenance plants, think outside potted plants, and remember to keep it untamed!

Between pavers

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