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ASI Pool Plastering brings you the finest in pool plastering products available on the market today. We’re proud to offer the full line of Wet Edge products, with a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles from which to choose. Our consultants are happy to help you choose what’s best for your pool, and after you’ve selected, we’ll make sure that your new pool finish is properly installed. In addition, we bring a wide variety of pool renovation and repair project skills to our customers, from tile and coping to plaster repair. Today, let’s focus on one particularly important aspect that often gets overlooked, that being how to best determine pool plaster colors. Keep reading to learn more about variables and conditions that can modify pool plaster colors, and how to make the right choice that achieves the look you’re after.

pool plaster colors

Find Pool Plaster Colors That Fit Your Vision!


As with any purchase, your choice of color is a personal preference. While picking your pool plaster colors is no different, it’s important to understand a few things about how different variables and conditions can impact water color. The look of a finish in a showroom, or online, is not necessarily indicative of what will actually emerge in your finished pool. Perhaps you’re looking for a blue or aquamarine look, or maybe you prefer something closer to aqua green? Or, you might be interested in going darker, even with a black finish. In general, we can divide finishes into these categories, and then go from there.

Something else to think about; do you want the color to be more noticeable up close or at a distance? A grey finish such as Smokey Grey Satin Matrix actually makes for a blue look at a distance, but as you might imagine, it becomes grey as you approach the water, and also the shallower areas. You’ll also see there are exciting flourishes such as glass and pebble accents in some of our products, which are more obvious in full sun, and also more stunning and noticeable up close than at a distance.

Finally, make sure to consider how your plaster fits in with the surrounding landscapes and hardscapes. Do you want a sharp contrast between the water color and the landscape, or more of a blended look? We realize it seems like a lot to consider, and that’s why the pros here at ASI Pool Plastering are happy to offer you expert advice and select the right color and pool finish product to meet your goals.

Here are a few of the variables we’ll consider beyond the actual pool plaster color and makeup of materials:

  • Size and Depth – With a larger, deeper pool design makes for darker hues, whereas very shallow design can make it difficult to have a deep blue.
  • Surrounding Hardscapes – As we mentioned above, the hardscape color can impact the look of your plaster, and so can surrounding foliage such as green shrubs and grass.
  • Sunlight – You can’t control the sun, but you can prepare by seeing how the light changes throughout the day. Shadier spots will take the vibrancy out of bright blues and aquamarines
  • Water Chemistry –Improperly balanced chemicals will alter coloration, as will the source of water (well vs. city)
  • False Impressions – Lastly, remember that an image you’ve seen in a magazine or online might not match your own backyard’s lighting conditions

So, while the most important aspects of choice might be texture and materials, we hope you’ll keep in mind these other influences on pool plaster colors. We hope you’ll let our trained experts here at ASI Pool Plastering help with your selection and installation too. Call us today and let us tell you about all the exciting pool plaster options we have to offer!

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