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How To Create A Backyard Oasis

You have the pool. You have the backyard. Now the question is “How to create a backyard oasis“? Taking the time to put a little extra thought and effort into your pool environment can completely transform the space. Everyone gets happier when they see a pool, but your guests will be amazed when they walk out into your personal paradise.

Add a spa or water feature to your pool. The sound of moving water immediately takes your mind to a tropical place. Installing a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall is not the huge remodeling project you might expect. Most water feature installations can be completed in a matter of days, and will immediately boost your pool’s “wow” factor. 

Spa Waterfall


Use natural stone coping and decking. This helps the transition from hardscaping areas to swimming areas feel more organic. Erasing the hard line between the pool and the coping encourages the idea of your own private swimming hole.

Natural Stone Decking

Go overboard with the greenery. If you really want to attain a backyard oasis atmosphere, then you simply cannot have enough greenery. The more plants and foliage that surrounds your pool, the less man made it will feel. For all you gardeners with less of a green and more of a black thumb, here are a few tips on easy backyard oasis gardening.

Over the top greenery


Add comfortable lounge areas. When most people vacation they love feelings of relaxation and indulgence. Designate several seating and lounging areas that mirror what you might find at a five-star resort. Going beyond standard pool furniture will give your family and friends the feeling that they’re really being pampered. This will instantly send them on an unwinding staycation.

Lounge Areas

Select a pool finish that resembles your perfect getaway. During your pool installation or pool renovation choose a finish that will create the look you crave. Selecting the right pool color can send you anywhere from a lagoon in Greece to a beach in the Bahamas.

Beach finish pool

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