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Luna Quartz For Durable Performance

Welcome to ASI Pool Plastering, where we specialize in providing top quality pool finishes from Wet Edge Technologies®. When you’re ready to take your pool to the next level, we’ve got the innovative products and finishes that bring durability and elegance to any setting. One of our favorite styles is the Luna Quartz product line, and today we’ll tell you all about it as you read on below.

luna quartz

As with all of the Wet Edge pool finishes, the Luna Quartz line of products is much more than a typical white plaster finish. That’s because with these finishes, you’re getting the next generation in surfacing technology. This technology is rooted in our cutting-edge, patented Pebble Edge® Admixture, which is made up of pozzolans and polymers that both strengthen the structural integrity and increase the lifetime of each one of our finishes. While this mixture serves as the vital foundation for our quality products, the more noticeable aspects that you’ll appreciate are the wide array of styles and colors provided courtesy of the finest in stones and minerals we source from all over the world. With the combination of beautiful colored and textured pebbles and the Pebble Edge Admixture, you can’t go wrong with any Wet Edge finish.


Luna Quartz Means High Performance!

When you choose a Luna Quartz finish, you’re getting the utmost in performance thanks to our combination of one of nature’s hardest minerals with the aforementioned patented admixture. Of all the pool finishes we offer here at ASI, this product most closely resembles a traditional plaster look. But remember, the difference is in the materials, and that’s why you can expect such a higher return on your investment when you select Wet Edge finishes.  Plus, the difference is also in our expertise and quality service record as the Southeast’s premier provider of top quality pool finishes. Not only are they durable and backed up by great service, but the wide variety of color options means you can truly customize your backyard oasis to match your existing landscapes and hardscapes. Just within the Luna Quartz line, you can choose from such styles as Aruba, Bermuda, Key West, Madagascar, Martinique, Montego, Pacific, Polar White, and St. Maarten, giving you a large palette to choose from. So let us get your remodeling or renovation project going over the winter. Give us a call today, and ASI Pool Plastering will make your pool dreams a reality!

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