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Make Your Pool a Wet Edge Pool

At ASI Pool Plastering, we want to make your pool a Wet Edge pool! As Atlanta’s premier provider of Wet Edge finishes, we have the experience and product knowledge to makeover your tired old pool into something exciting. It’s cold outside now, but pool season will be here before you know it, so call ASI today and let’s get started!

wet edge pool

So what makes a Wet Edge pool so great anyways? Well, besides the obvious aesthetic improvements from standard finishes, the answer lies in the admixture. In this case, that’s a PATENTED admixture called Pebble Edge, which creates an aggregate of sands, pebbles and minerals to strengthen the cement and ultimately, a superior product. It’s a technique that is used in other industries with cement construction too, but when it comes to pool finishes, these products lead the way, and provide our valued clients with greater durability and long-lasting results. The initial cost is likely higher than some other contractors will quote, but you have to consider the long-term impact of your decision. When you invest in a Wet Edge pool, you’ll be getting up to 3 times the life out of these finishes. But enough about the practical side of it all. Let’s talk about how great your pool and backyard will look once the job is done.

wet edge pool

Get a Wet Edge Pool from ASI Pool Plastering

With the gorgeous Wet Edge finishes from ASI, you’re getting the most durable pool finish product on the market, but you’re also getting something beautiful. You and your family will love it, and your guests will be envious of your pool’s new look. Among the many options available in the Wet Edge line, we offer the Pearl Matrix and Satin Matrix, with varying pebble sizes and colors. These pebbles bring maximum durability, add texture, and also let you match that pool finish with your surrounding landscape. With these pebble finishes, we only use the best in quality stones from all over the world, and never any crushed stone! The same level of quality applies to Primera Stone, Prism Matrix, Luna Quartz, and Altima finishes. So if you’re ready for durable quality and beautiful looks, make your pool a Wet Edge pool when it’s time for remodeling and renovations. Contact ASI Pool Plastering today!

Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey has been a member of the ASI Pool Plastering & Renovation team for many years. He is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. His blogging on pool plastering, renovation and remodeling all stems from his extensive knowledge and experience creating the perfect oasis for any project.

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