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Pearl Matrix Pool Finish

Looking for a pool finish that will transform a drab, dull concrete look into a beautiful backyard centerpiece that beckons you to jump in and relax? You’ve come to the right place! At ASI Pool Plastering, we’re pleased to offer the industry-leading, innovative pool finishes from Wet Edge Technologies®.

 pearl matrix pool finish

Using a patented admixture and dazzling, durable stones sourced from the best areas of the world, we are able to achieve a vibrant, elegant look that others just can’t match. Within the Wet Edge product line, one of our favorite products is the Pearl Matrix pool finish. Read on to learn more about the exciting options for creating the pool environment of your dreams!

The Beauty of the Pearl Matrix Pool Finish


What makes the Pearl Matrix pool finish so beautiful and special? This particular type of finish employs a technique called exposed aggregate, where the traditional cement and plaster finish is reinforced with pebbles and rocks. The stones provide for an additional level of durability and long-term dependability. Sure, that appeals to your practical, pragmatic side, but the real attraction here is the dazzling finish you and your guests will enjoy season after season. The Pearl Matrix pool finish is available in a huge variety of colors, with stones and pebbles selected for their aesthetic quality, and also carefully screened for size and texture. Much like our Satin Matrix finishes, the Pearl Matrix leaves you with a textured finish thanks to a high ratio of aggregate to cement. In this case, the pebbles selected are slightly larger, but guaranteed to be smooth, stunning, and stable for the long haul. Select from such exciting colors as Black Magic, Chilean Beach Plum, and New Zealand Blue, you can see we’re serious about bringing the allure of faraway shores to your very own backyard oasis.

pearl matrix pool finishpearl matrix pool finish

Get The Most Out of Your Investment


The Pearl Matrix pool finish strikes a perfect balance between natural and man-made components which results in the ideal combination of style, strength, and function. Expect to get as much as 3 times the life out of the top-of-the-line offerings from Wet Edge Technologies. While your initial investment with ASI Pool Plastering might be higher than some of our competitors, you’ll see the value in both the long-term lifespan and the superior quality results. If you’re ready for some serious pool remodeling or renovation, it’s time to give us a call today and make the pool of your dreams a reality!

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