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Pearl Matrix

Wet Edge finishes are the most ingenious pool finishes in the industry. By using their patented admixture and only the most dazzling and durable stones that nature has to offer, Wet Edge brings the long-lasting beauty of nature to your swimming pool.

As a certified Wet Edge Applicator we are proud to offer a full line of these innovative pool finishes. Wet Edge exposed aggregate finishes are harder and stronger than the standard market finishes, which means fewer problems for the pool owner in the long run. Each of the Wet Edge finishes will bring their own special qualities to your Atlanta swimming pool. Today we’d like to focus on the Pearl Matrix line, and show exactly why this could be the perfect finish for your pool renovation project.

Pearl Matrix

Both the Pearl Matrix and the Satin Matrix finishes are exposed aggregate, meaning that the cement used to fill in the pool area is reinforced with fragments of rock and pebble to add both durability and beauty. When the multi-colored stones are mixed with the Pebble Edge Admixture the results are dependable and dazzling. All of the Pearl Matrix finishes have a high aggregate to cement ratio, which is good news for the pool owner. Less cement and more polished stones means fewer problems down the road thanks to a more durable nature.

Due to the high proportion of aggregate in the Pearl Matrix and Satin Matrix finishes, they both have a textured finish. The difference is in the size of the pebbles used. Where the Satin Matrix finishes use a smaller stone size, the Pearl Matrix opts for larger pebbles. Wet Edge only uses smooth round stones (never crushed) in their finishes. The result is a seamless and polished texture.

Pearl Matrix Wet Edge Finish

We offer fourteen different Pearl Matrix color options, so you are guaranteed to find something that will suit your backyard oasis perfectly. Whether you want your swimming pool’s color to stand out and be the focal point of your backyard, or you want your pool to blend into its surroundings, there is the perfect Pearl Matrix color choice for you. Contact our trained professionals today, and we will gladly walk you through the selection process.

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