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Pool Renovations: Final Steps

Now that you have made the first and second steps in your swimming pool renovations, you are into the home stretch. You’ve watched as your swimming pool has been drained, and seen how loud and dusty the demo day can be. It’s time to watch the most dramatic installment of your renovation, and see your new pool come to life!

Bond Coating: Once the tile and coping have been installed the next step for your pool renovations is the application of the bond coating. This is a coating applied to the surface of the pool to ensure that the new material has a good surface to bond with. The application of an epoxy-based bond coat leaves a nice rough texture that is perfect for allowing the new plaster to grab onto. This helps to form a solid bond and prevent future delamination. ASI uses multi-coat scratch coat 2000, with is considered to be the industry standard by top tier plastering companies. Bond Coating Plaster Day: This is by far the most impressive renovation phase to watch. Depending on the size of the pool the application usually takes between 5 and 7 hours. Our crew will begin by taking care to cover the deck and any other areas that need to be protected during the plaster process. This is a time sensitive phase, and once the plaster process has begun our crew only has a limited amount of time to work with the material before it is set. Please don’t fret over the appearance of your pool during this time; we promise to thorough clean up our mess after the plaster has set. The surface undergoes many transformations, and it will not look like the final product for most of this process. All finishes with exposed aggregates need the materials to be troweled many times to compact the aggregate and tighten the matrix. The extra cement will come to the surface and will be washed away, while our crew members work quickly and efficiently to make your pool look its best. If your finish does not require an acid wash a hose will be started in the pool to refill it with water before our crew leaves. It is then your responsibility to monitor the water level and keep children and animals off of the surface during this time. Installing plaster Acid Wash: The term “Acid Wash” sounds much more intimidating than it actually is. A diluted muriatic (or salty) acid is sprayed over your new pool finish surface. This removes any slurry haze and gives your finish one last bit of exposure. We ask that you and your family stay indoors during the acid wash process. These are not lethal fumes by any stretch, however they can cause irritation to the eyes and lungs if directly inhaled. One of our technicians will let you know when it is safe to come outside, start the hose, and enjoy your newly renovated swimming pool! Final Steps

Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey has been a member of the ASI Pool Plastering & Renovation team for many years. He is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. His blogging on pool plastering, renovation and remodeling all stems from his extensive knowledge and experience creating the perfect oasis for any project.

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