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We’re still in the midst of chilly winter, but before you know it, temperatures will go back up, and you’ll be ready for that refreshing dip in your pool.  Have you been putting off a much needed pool repair? Well now is the perfect time to think about that pool repair and getting your residential or commercial pool ready for the coming warm months. With our renovation and remodeling services, ASI Pool Plastering can handle any and all pool repair needs, from plaster, coping, or tile repair to larger scale renovations and resurfacing. Whether your pool needs small refreshers or a complete transformation, ASI Pool Plastering brings expert care, premium knowledge, quality products and great service to any pool repair job.

pool repair

Pool Repair? We’ve got you covered!

One of the items often needing attention is the condition of your pool’s tile and coping. If you have pool tiles that are missing, cracked, covered in calcium, or simply just need a new look, we’ll have a wide variety of pool tile  to choose from. Pool tile interacts with the pool coping during freeze/thaw cycles, often leading to damage in the future, but we have the solutions to help minimize this risk, and will implement them during the pool repair process. Whether it’s a new pool tile line, new stone or brick coping, or both, ASI Pool Plastering is ready to tackle residential and commercial projects alike.

For commercial and semi-commercial projects needing pool repair, let us help with your waterline pool tile installation, repair or replacement, race lanes, mosaics, resurfacing and more. We’ll help extend the life of your pool, and have everyone excited to jump in come summertime.

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Finally, if you’re considering a pool repair, perhaps it’s also time to think about a new pool finish. ASI Pool Plastering offers exquisite pool finishes,  ranging from pebbles to sand to quartz, and all provide an advantage in durability over standard plaster finishes. We use the finest, most innovative pool finishes in the industry from our friends at Wet Edge Technologies, and offer superior strength and durability in a wide array of styles and colors.

pool repair

So even though it’s not quite time for swimsuits and suntans, just remember that now is the best time to finally get to the pool repair you’ve been putting off. Get ready for fun in the sun this summer and give ASI Pool Plastering a call today to speak with our experts and schedule your pool repair project now!

Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey has been a member of the ASI Pool Plastering & Renovation team for many years. He is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. His blogging on pool plastering, renovation and remodeling all stems from his extensive knowledge and experience creating the perfect oasis for any project.