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Primera Stone


As certified Wet Edge Applicators we are proud to offer a full line of these cutting-edge finishes.

Wet Edge finishes are the most innovative pool finishes in the industry. Their patented admixture makes cement harder, stronger, and more durable, which means fewer problems for the pool owner in the long run.  These exposed aggregate finishes are both dazzling and dependable. We offer six different Wet Edge product lines, all in a variety of color options. Each line varies slightly in the size and type of aggregate used, and all of them bring their own set of advantages. Today we’d like to highlight one of our most popular finishes, Primera Stone.

Primera Stone pool finish in Tahoe Coast

You could say that with a Primera Stone finish you are really getting the best of both plaster and aggregate pool finishes. Each Primera Stone finish combines the vibrant elegance and natural look of pebble with the smoothness of a polished surface. The professionals at Wet Edge travel the world over, sourcing out the perfect stones. Colorful stones that meet the requirements for mineral composition, size, texture, and, of course, beauty are gathered from all over the world, from the the beaches of New Zealand to the mountains of Chile. The stones used in the Primera Stone finishes must meet yet another set of requirements to ensure they can be polished and ground down to form a perfectly smooth surface. This smooth surface makes Primera Stone our most popular choice for pool spas. Here is an example of a Pearl Matrix pool with a Primera Stone spa attached.

Pearl Matrix pool with Primera Stone spa


Some of the Primera Stone color options are actually accented with recycled glass which gives the overall effect a prismatic effect that is absolutely breathtaking. No matter how dazzling your pool finish begins, it’s only natural to have the appearance diminish to varying degrees over the years. Even with the most innovative finishes around an eventual remodeling or renovation is inevitable. The most appealing aspect of a Primera Stone finish, apart from their amazing beauty, might just be how easy they are to restore. Because they are polished down to begin with, they can be polished down yet again whenever the time comes for a renovation. You can quite literally polish away your problems, and immediately bring these finishes back to life.

Primera Tahoe Coast

With the gorgeous look of pebble and the smooth feel of plaster, Primera Stone finishes really are the best of both. You can’t go wrong!


Mark Bailey
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