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Prism Matrix Pool Finish

When shopping for a new pool finish, sometimes the options can seem endless. Here at ASI Pool Plastering, we want to help you understand the options that best suit your needs and desires. We’re proud to offer the highest in quality pool finishes from Wet Edge Technologies®. With industry-leading innovative products and finishes, you can bring the vibrant elegance and durability of nature to your pool floor. Prism Matrix Pool Finish is a great example of the premium quality pool surfaces we can install for you.

The Prism Matrix Pool Finish achieves a balance between natural and man-made components. Combining strength, beauty, style and function, The Prism Matrix is a blend of our smaller pebbles that are well known for their roundness.  The Prism Matrix Pool Finish combines these small pebbles, high quality pigments, and the patented Pebble Edge® Admixture. This admixture contains pozzolans and polymers that fortify the cement and provide structural integrity and years of durability. We take this extra step in the plastering process because the cement is the most vulnerable component of the plaster surface. The admixture process is the same step that other industries use to harden cement structures such as foundations and overpasses.

prism matrix pool finish

Transform Your Pool With Our Prism Matrix Pool Finish

The Prism Matrix Pool Finish can be installed in a wide range of colors and styles. With thirteen elegant pebble color combinations for your pool surface, getting the eye-catching look that suits your pool and surrounding landscape is easy. Here at ASI Pool Plastering, we’ve got the expertise and quality service record to help transform and strengthen your pool surface. Remember, water color may vary depending on factors such as sunlight, pool design, depth, and landscaping around the pool.

prism matrix pool finishprism matrix pool finish

Prism Matrix Pool Finish and More

With so many options within the Prism Matrix Pool Finish line, your pool remodeling project or backyard renovation is sure to succeed. Don’t forget, we offer the full line of Wet Edge Technologies pool finishes. There’s sure to be something that will help create the backyard oasis you deserve. All of our products contain pebbles, aggregates and sand that offer the perfect balance of strong mineral composition, color, size and texture, sourced from all over the globe. Your Prism Matrix Pool Finish will maintain the vibrant luster and structural integrity you desire.

prism matrix pool finish

Give us a call today, and one of our trained ASI Pool Plastering professionals will be glad to talk to you about the various pool plastering options we can offer. Let’s get your pool remodeling or renovation going now!

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