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Welcome to ASI Pool Plastering, your trusted installer of Wet Edge Technologies products. It’s the next generation of swimming pool surface and finish technology, and we’ve got the professionals and know-how to make it part of your backyard oasis. With these innovative Wet Edge pool finishes, you’ll get vibrant color, elegant feel, and durable usage out of your new pool surface.

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What makes Wet Edge finishes so special? It’s all about the admixture. This patented aggregate of sands, pebbles, and minerals, creates our Pebble Edge® Admixture, which also contains pozzolans and polymers to strengthen the cement. This leads to superior, long lasting durability. Whereas a typical white plaster finish might offer 4-5 years if properly maintained, our pebble finish can extend that to 15 years. Of course the cost up front is higher, but your investment will go much further, plus you’re getting beauty and style options far beyond any traditional surfaces.  Wet Edge pool finishes are available in a wide variety of colors, materials, and styles. Ranging from Luna Quartz, where quartz sand and marble come together for a smooth but durable finish, to Primera Stone, where pebbles are incorporated in the admixture, you’ve got countless options to achieve a custom look and feel.


Wet Edge and ASI Pool Plastering : The Perfect Combination


For something with a more natural look, Wet Edge pool finishes bring you the Pearl Matrix and Satin Matrix options. With varying pebble size and color, you can match your pool with the existing landscaping and décor in your yard. As we mentioned earlier, the pebbles give you the maximum in durability, and also add a little textured feel to the surface. Don’t worry, we never use crushed stone, only quality stones sourced from many regions of the world, so you’re guaranteed to have a smooth feel with the pebble finishes. The Primera Stone option is an ideal combination of plaster and pebble, which gets buffed down to a smooth surface resembling granite during install. Lastly, you can choose the Prism Matrix finish if you really want to go all out with durability, quality, and beautiful looks. This product brings together the benefits of pebble with an additional visual “wow” factor courtesy of smooth, round glass buffed in with the finish. The texture is even smoother, and a dazzling accent of color and sparkle is added. Whatever your choice of Wet Edge finish, your pool remodeling and renovations are sure to last for a long time. So call ASI Pool Plastering, and get the pool you deserve. Contact us today for residential and commercial pool consultations!

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Mark Bailey has been a member of the ASI Pool Plastering & Renovation team for many years. He is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. His blogging on pool plastering, renovation and remodeling all stems from his extensive knowledge and experience creating the perfect oasis for any project.

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