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Wet Edge Pool Finish Installation

ASI Pool Plastering is a proud provider of the amazing Wet Edge pool finish products from Wet Edge Technologies. There are a number of things that set us apart from the competition, and today we’ll focus on just a few, as well as briefly walk you through the full product line. All of these exceptional finishes rely on the strength of the patented Pebble Edge admixture, making for more durable, longer lasting and resilient finishes. So if you’re looking to add a little color and excitement to the look of your pool and backyard, keep reading to learn about the wide array of choices that await from Wet Edge and ASI Pool Plastering. We’re your pool finish installation experts!

pool finish installation

What Makes a Wet Edge Pool Finish Installation Special?


The exciting parts of a Wet Edge pool finish are easy to spot. Beautiful, meticulously sourced raw pebble materials lead to exquisite visual results. All the rock is screened, blended, and bagged by Wet Edge, and no crushed stone is ever used. This ensures a smooth, rounded finish on every pebble, no matter what corner of the world they’ve come from. But the hidden secret lies in our cement. That’s right, it’s not the flashiest or most exciting aspect, but your pocketbook will thank you as the years roll by and your finish continues holding strong. The Pebble Edge admixture contains pozzolans and polymers that strengthen the cement and help the pool finish installation hold up to the elements, chemicals, and general wear and tear. Whereas a typical marcite plaster finish might only have a reasonable life of 4-5 years, we’re able to offer a 7-year residential warranty on material failure with our Altima finish. Step up to a Luna Quartz, and you’re looking at a 10-year warranty, not to mention a lovely sparkling look.

Beyond these first two tiers of the Wet Edge pool finish line, many customers choose to step up to Pearl Matrix and Satin Matrix. These lead to lower maintenance costs, fewer cosmetic issues, and a lovely pebble texture that some actually prefer to the typical smooth feel. For a combination of the highest quality pebbles and a more traditional plaster feel, choose Primera Stone, or for the biggest wow factor, get the beautiful glass/pebble combination of Prism Matrix.

Whatever you choose for a Wet Edge pool finish, remember that a well-qualified applicator is important. That’s where our pool finish installation pros at ASI Pool Plastering come in. Call us today and let’s get started on selecting the best finish for your budget and needs.

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