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Here at ASI Pool Plastering, we’re proud to work with Wet Edge Technologies, the next generation in swimming pool finishes and resurfacing. With the most innovative products in the industry, Wet Edge pool finishes bring the vibrant elegance and durability of nature to your pool floor.

Wet Edge pool finishes contain a cutting edge aggregate of sands, pebbles, minerals, and the patented Pebble Edge® Admixture. This admixture contains pozzolans and polymers to fortify cement and provide superior durability to standard plaster finishes. A similar process is used in other cement structures such as overpasses and foundations, so it’s clear that Wet Edge pool finishes are made to last!

Within the Wet Edge pool finishes product line, ASI provides a wide variety of colors, materials, and styles. The Wet Edge plaster line uses quartz sand along with marble and the admixture to increase its strength. Altima has the classic smooth look and feel of a plaster finish, as does Luna Quartz, but both are far more durable.

wet edge pool finishes

Both of these Wet Edge pool finishes are exposed aggregate finishes, meaning that excess cement is removed during application. The more excess cement you remove from the finish during plastering, the fewer issues you’ll have in the future. With more cement removed, and fine sized natural quartz, Luna Quartz offers extremely high performance, a smooth finish, and a glittery sparkle in sunlight!

wet edge pool finishes

For a more natural appearance, Wet Edge pool finishes are available in Pearl Matrix and Satin Matrix options. The pebble sizes can be varied, as can colors, helping to match your pool finish with the surrounding landscape and decor. Pebble finishes are also more textured than the plaster options, but no crushed stone is used, guaranteeing that your surface will never be rough to walk or sit on. Best of all, a properly maintained pebble finish can last up to 15 years, helping off set the higher initial install costs.

wet edge pool finishes

New Construction – Pearl Matrix Midnight Ocean



With Primera Stone Wet Edge pool finishes, the best combination of plaster and pebble surface can be achieved. We use specially sourced stones that can be buffed down during installation to give a completely even surface which resembles beautiful granite. You get the look of an aggregate finish with the smooth texture of plaster. The initial install is more costly, but you’ll enjoy superior longevity.

wet edge pool finishes

Primera Stone


If you really want to give your pool finish a “wow” factor, Prism Matrix is the way to go. These Wet Edge pool finishes combine the benefits of pebble finishes such as Pearl and Satin Matrix with the extra visual impact of beautiful smooth round glass. This improves the texture of the stones, while adding dazzling depth to the color. With this top quality combination, you won’t have to worry about remodeling or renovations for a very long time.

wet edge pool finishes

Prism Matrix Blue Lagoon


Whichever Wet Edge finish you choose, ASI Pool Plastering can promise you’ll love the handcrafted, durable, and beautiful end result. Wet Edge pool finishes are the ultimate choice for any Atlanta pool! Contact ASI Pool Plastering today for residential and commercial pool consultations!

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