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Wet Edge Primera Stone Finish

Here at ASI Pool Plastering, we’re proud to offer Wet Edge pool finishes.


These finishes are set apart by their patented admixture of pozzolans and polymers. What does that mean? Basically, you’re getting the most durable, long-lasting cement on the market, which leads to long-term value and a pool you can be proud of for years to come. Beyond the superior structural integrity, our products are also set apart due to the extreme care and control we exercise over the raw material sources. The sand, pebbles and minerals used for our superior finishes are all chosen for vibrant color and smooth finish, never crushed! This is just one of the ways that you’ll get more value from the vibrant elegance and style of our pool finishes. Today, let’s talk about one in particular, Wet Edge Primera Stone.

Wet Edge Primera Stone Gives a Beautiful, Smooth Feel

With Wet Edge pool finishes, you have a huge variety of colors and textures to choose from. One of our favorite here at ASI Pool Plastering is the Wet Edge Primera Stone. With this finish, you’re getting the best combination of a traditional plaster and a more modern aggregate finish. When it’s all said and done, you have a fantastic finished look like pebble, but the smooth feel of a polished plaster surface. With ultra-premium Primera Stone, you get a vibrant look thanks to embedded pebbles, which also gives you a wide variety of color choices. From azure blue, to black diamond, to evergreen, you have many options. This allows you to customize your pool look to match the surrounding landscape, hardscape, and other conditions that can influence the finished look.

wet edge primera stone

The team at Wet Edge travel the world finding the highest quality, exceptional stones available for all of our finishes. Wet Edge Primera Stone is no exception, as all the pebbles used have passed stringent requirements for size, texture, color, and mineral composition. From exotic locations as far flung as the beaches of New Zealand and the mountains of Chile, beautiful stones and colors eventually make their way to your very own backyard oasis. In addition to these colorful pebbles, Primera Stone also incorporates recycled glass, for a luxurious extra sparkle and prismatic effect in natural or artificial light. The smooth feel and color varieties are a few of the reasons why this finish is a popular choice for pool spas.  Read on to learn more about our products!

Summer is almost over, and it’s a perfect time to start considering pool renovation projects. If you’ve been putting off that pool makeover for a few years, let’s get started on the remodeling project of your dreams with the help of ASI. And why not make that makeover truly spectacular with a Wet Edge Primera Stone finish? While they are very durable, eventually these finishes will lose some of their luster, but the great thing about Primera Stone is that it can be re-polished in the future. So make the investment in beauty and quality today, and save money on future pool renovation. Call ASI Pool Plastering today and get started on a Primera Stone pool finish.


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