ASI Pool Plastering

Altima Pool Finish

The Altima® Pool Finish is a definite improvement to a standard plaster surface. Altima® contains a premium combination of bright white quartz sand, quality marble sand and the patented Pebble Edge® Admixture. It contains pozzolans and polymers that fortify the cement and provide an advantage in durability over standard plaster finishes. Try any of these Altima® finishes to renovate or remodel your pool and give your backyard a make over!

Altima Blue


Altima French Gray


Altima Pacific


Altima White


*You can expect the color of the water to vary depending on a variety of influences such as they position of the sun, whether the day is sunny or overcast, the pool design, the landscaping around the pool and the pool depth. The water color illustrations were created to show a range of color, for each WetEdge pool finish, at a distance. Water color is considered to be subjective and your water color will be unique to your pool and its surroundings. Product samples may vary from printed samples. Finish color and consistency may differ due to variations in natural materials, plastering techniques and pool water chemistry. Ask your contractor for a product sample. It is recommended that you view several pools when making a choice on a WetEdge pool finish. Some WetEdge Pool Finishes contain shell blend or moon dust which are crushed abalone and mother of pearl shells. Because of the unique composition of these shells they are not guaranteed from long-term breakdown of loss of color due to pool water chemistry.