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Why Choose Wet Edge Pool Finishes?

Here at ASI Pool Plastering, we’re very proud to offer the amazing line of pool finishes from Wet Edge Technologies. With a patented Pebble Edge admixture, a beautiful palette of colors to choose from, and expertly sourced raw materials, the ideal combination of style and durability can be yours. What makes the Wet Edge product line so special, and why should you choose these products over conventional pool finishes? Let’s discuss below.

wet edge pool finishes


  • The Wet Edge infrastructure allows us to process the raw pebble material in a consistent fashion
  • The rock is screened, dried, blended, and bagged by Wet Edge, giving us confidence to stand behind each Wet Edge product
  • Crushed stone is never used. Rounded stones are carefully sourced and make for the beautiful colors and desirable textures that set our products apart.
  • In order to achieve the desired quality level, Wet Edge controls the entire supply chain, from quarry to your pool floor.
  • In each phase of finish production, only the finest materials are used. The best white cement, a patented aggregate mixture, and inspired pigment choices.


  • Without proper application, the higher quality products and raw materials cannot truly shine
  • Wet Edge carefully selects its applicators, and only works with true professionals who’ll do the job right
  • In metro Atlanta and the Southeast, you can’t find a better company than ASI Pool Plastering!
  • Call us today and make your pool dreams a reality.

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